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I have been decorating homes and offices for over 11 years, and one of the most common mistakes I see is the placement and use of mirrors. I must admit, hanging a mirror can be a quick and easy fix for your empty wall. It doesn't clash with your wall color, right?

One common place I often find mirrors is over a mantel. This can work in some cases, however, like with any mirror placement, look at what is reflecting back? What are you bringing back into your decorated room? If your mantel is too high, you're most likely reflecting your white ceiling.

Try placing a mirror across from a window looking out on your beautiful yard, or your favorite flowering tree! How about across your favorite piece of artwork? This way you're reflecting the beauty of the piece back into your room.

Try thinking out of the box a bit when choosing a mirror for your bath or powder room. Why match your vanity exactly, when you can have your mirror appear like a piece of art on its own? Don't be afraid to turn a square mirror on an angle for a more artistic look – just be sure that your space can accommodate the mirror hung that way. And remember, if you're 6'5" or 4' 11", have a friend of a more average height to help hang your mirror – you'll be glad you did!

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