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Do you ever notice that even though we may dread the thought of summer ending...there is also a bit of excitement and anticipation for the beauty that Autumn brings us?

Somehow, we transition from eating peaches to apples, and decorating our front steps or porches with seasonal mums, pumpkins and gourds; as we clear out the pink geraniums with this same kind of seasonal excitement and joy! Don't forget about your window boxes, bittersweet, and small pumpkins in different colors will accent them beautifully!

What I notice with myself, as well as my clients is this same kind of excitement or to spruce up a room, clear out some clutter, and make room for the transition in our personal spaces.

One good way to make this transition without adding more "stuff" or clutter to our lives is to do the clearing out before you bring more in. As we all know, there is a big difference between the giveaway bag or box, and the one we pack up just to "transition" it to another room. Take a few minutes (if you take longer, it will not end up in the giveaway bag!!), and ask yourself if you would truly miss that item.

According to Feng Shui, one of the definitions of clutter is something that no longer brings you joy in your space... If you're like many, you may feel overwhelmed with the task of clearing. One way to conquer this, is to concentrate on one small space at a time. We all have 15 minutes to clear out one drawer. Choose a small task, and set a timer. Write this task in your calendar to make sure it's part of your day!

When you've cleared some space, you're ready to welcome in the spicy tones of the season! Simple changes like some accent pillows, your entry rug, your mantle, and a centerpiece on your table can make a big difference in your space.

The tones for season, are not your typical yellows and oranges, but spicier tones of burnt sienna, deep aubergines, and marigold yellows. I generally will use some green tones with these colors, as many shades of sage have become a neutral base. If you, like many are enjoying the neutral "grays", these sienna, aubergine, and yellow tones will be a lovely accent with your gray tones as well!

I'm always interested in learning how you find joy in the transition of the seasons and in your home. If you enjoy weekly tips, please "like" The Spirited Design Face book page, and feel to post your decorating question.

Thank you for allowing me to "bring your rooms to life!"

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