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In the world of home decor, our main living spaces have been painted different shades of tans, golds, and sage. The gray palette was reserved for the modern and contemporary home – not any more!

No worries, and no need to change out every wall in your home. If you are looking for ways to incorporate these beautiful shades of gray without feeling too trendy, why not try some fun and simple solutions to update your space?

When chosen carefully, certain shades of grays and tans compliment each other beautifully. You can consider painting a gray accent wall in your space. If this change feels overwhelming, or is not an option, start with small changes to bring a new color into a space.

Keep a paint swatch of your current neutral wall color with you as you shop. Look for gray hues in accent pillows, throws, trim, area rugs, and accessories. Need a little push for inspiration? Spend a few minutes browsing in your local fabric store, and you will be inspired! Beautiful color combinations are around us all the time ... you just have to stop and notice. I've been inspired by greeting cards, wrapping paper, and more obvious items like towels and bedding.

After I completed my last interior redesign, I felt bored with my own living room. I switched out an area rug, one chair, and a few pillows, and felt like I had a new room! I had added new colors to the room – and I didn't paint a thing!

I enjoy your comments, as well as answering your questions, so please feel free to share how you've made small changes with a big impact in your spaces.

As always, Thank you for allowing me to "bring your rooms to life!" You can find The Spirited Design on Facebook, and

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