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We all know that painting a room is the easiest and least expensive way to bring change to a space, and clients often ask me if one wall should be painted a different color for an accent wall. Here are a few things to think about before buying that extra can of paint.

Stand in your doorway to view your room, and get a feel of what an accent wall will do for your space as you enter. An accent colored wall will draw your eye and attention to that wall. If this wall has a focal point that you enjoy, and is large enough to handle the different color, it should look great providing the accent color compliments the other three walls.

If you're unsure of what color to use, you can draw ideas from your furnishings in that room for some inspiration. Start with your window treatments, area rugs, or accent pillows. It's a good idea to get several paint chips from your local paint store and hold them next to one another in your space, not the paint store. The lighting in the store will be totally different than your space. Always be sure to see how the colors look both in the natural daylight as well as the evening lights in your home. You may be surprised how much colors can change with lighting.

Remember to take your time. Did you know that 40% of paint sales are due to buying the wrong color? These mistakes not only costly to consumers, but costly to our environment!

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