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"I remember it was the summer of 2003. We just entered the cottage we had rented on the Cape, and although it was cute, something just didn't feel quite right. By the end of that first day, I had rearranged the living room as well as the bedroom.

Although I knew I had created a better flow of furniture and balance in the rooms, I also knew that I had to switch it all back before leaving! It was that summer I knew I wanted to learn more about the art of redesign, and incorporate this service into my business!

The key to redesigning a space is clearing the entire room. This allows me a different perspective to "see" and evaluate the space. After deciding what the focal point in the space will be, I can arrange the furniture, lighting, artwork, and accessories to create beautiful balance in the room.

If you're bored with a room, try angling a chair in a different direction, and remember, your furniture does not all need to be against a wall for an anchor. Bring the furniture "inside" the room; this change alone, will allow you the freedom to then reposition an area rug and tables to create a more intimate conversation area.

If you're looking for smaller changes to perk up your space, think of the seasons. With the heat of summer, think lighter colors and fabrics. Some may just change the comforter on a bed, while others might take it a step further, and change from heavier panels to sheers, and linen like pillow covers over your existing pillows.

Redesigning a room, is virtually "no cost" decorating! Does it get any better than that? Happy Summer decorating, or even better – redesigning!

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