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(onsite or remote)

Bring the joy of design into your room!

An initial design work session providing you with  practical solutions and decorating advice specific to your home & family. We can concentrate on one room, or walk and talk through several rooms in your home or office. This time allows me to get to know you, your style and how you want to live or work in your space. 

DYI clients love this service for expert guidance too!

Clients often feel they "have no style," let The Spirited Design help you discover yours! 


Remote sessions always available!


$325 up to 90 minutes


Prior to our first consultation, I offer a 15 minute complimentary phone call.

Personal Shopping

Whether you don't enjoy shopping, or just can't find the time, let The Spirited Design find the perfect furnishings or accessories for your home or office without breaking the bank. Because I get to know you and your personal taste, the fit is often perfect...if you don't like an item selected, you are never obligated to keep anything that doesn't work for you.

$125 per hour

Redesigns/Designer for   the Day

Color Consultation 

A ReDesign is a wonderful, immediate and affordable form of design that uses your furnishings and my trained eye to transform your space into a functional, comfortable haven that reflects...YOU! After a consultation, clients leave for a few hours and return to a dramatic transformation/big reveal...YES, just like HGTV!! Are you ready for a one day makeover?

$495 for one room, $400 for second room if designed the same day. 

If you're like most people, the idea of selecting the "perfect color" can be intimidating and overwhelming, especially with the ever-changing world of LED lighting. Paint can be the most cost-effective way to bring change to a room, however, the wrong color will affect the way we feel, and it can be expensive to repaint a color you're not happy with.

Let The Spirited Design bring color samples to your home or office. I promise to make this a fun and painless process...color is my specialty! 

$275 for the first three rooms- $25 per room thereafter. 

Exterior color consultation: $225 flat fee - includes shutters

Staging for Living

If you LOVE the look of a home that is staged for sale, but not moving, this new service is for you! There is a peaceful, uncluttered feeling in a staged or model home, yet it lacks the personal style of a homeowner. 

The Spirited Design can combine the two to create peaceful spaces with "splashes" of your personality and your favorite pieces!

$125 per hour

Real Estate Staging

The Spirited Design's Real Estate Staging services will present your property in the best light so a prospective buyer can fully appreciate the space and can actually visualize themselves and their belongings in your home.

Personalized Staging Consultation $350

(up to 90 minutes) 

Clients love this most popular service, as getting your home ready for market can be overwhelming. Let us guide you with personal recommendations to improve your listing.

Clients can choose what projects can be DYI, or let

The Spirited Design can take full charge.

Hands on Staging/Photo Styling Day $125 per hour

With your detailed list in hand, The Spirited Design can help with the shopping, styling, to ensure your listing is ready for photos. We offer rental packages for accessories, lighting, and artwork.

VACANT home staging often involves renting furniture to stage the home. Cost varies depending on the size of the home.

First impressions are crucial as decisions on what open houses to visit are often made online n seconds.  With our busy schedules, over 90% will decide what homes to see based the photos in the MLS listings.


So often a client feels stuck or just doesn't have the time to give their room a finished look after the furniture is purchased and in place. Let The Spirited Design create balance with accessories that reflect your personality and bring your rooms to life!

$125 per hour

Let The Spirited Design highlight your homes greatest potential!


All travel is charged at half rate outside of West Hartford.

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