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"Life is about the process and transformation"

The longer I'm in business....the more I think of myself as a 'decorating coach', why?
As my client's can attest, what I love is the "process" of understanding where they are, where they want to be, how they want to live or work in their spaces...and most importantly getting them there!


"Janice Weinstein was retained to provide her expertise in renovating our Enfield Imaging Office last year. We were so delighted with the results; we again retained her to bring life to our vision in the expansion project at our Glastonbury facility. This was a large venture which had to be implemented in two phases. Janice was the consummate professional working with our contractor and staff in all aspects of the project. The results were breathtaking. Janice’s eye for color, art and ambiance, are nothing less than exceptional. Our focus was on providing our patients with positive experiences in situations that often produce anxiety or fear. Janice’s spa-like influence in our Mammography and Ultrasound areas was so successful; some patients have actually been reluctant to leave when their exams were completed.

This intuitiveness is a reflection of someone who has a real understanding and interpretation of the customer needs. To say we are satisfied with our association with Janice Weinstein of The Spirited Design would be an understatement.

Kathy Smith ~ Practice Administrator, Radiology Associates of Hartford, P.C., Denise B. Rioux ~ Radiology Associates of Hartford

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